Finally the day that I have been counting down to is almost here! Tomorrow, on the 4th of April,  I am leaving for South Africa and UmPhafa nature reserve!!! I can hardly believe it. Months of preparations have lead up to these two weeks, and I am so incredibly excited.

I’ve got all my vaccines…IMG_6673

All my equipment…IMG_6873

I’ve attended the pre-departure information session and met the people I will be travelling with…IMG_6955

And I have finally packed my suitcase!IMG_7056

We are leaving from campus tomorrow afternoon, and will be travelling for about 24 hours until we reach UmPhafa in the afternoon on the 5th of April. It will be a long trip, but I have prepared by downloading some (read: loads) Netflix onto my iPad, some audiobooks, podcasts and music onto my phone, and by bringing something to read and something to write on. I am quite scared of the flight, as this is my first long-haul flight (and I am scared of flying in general), but I will be with friends and am sure I will be fine. I am very excited to finally be on a plane with the little TV-screens on the back of the seats! Other firsts will include having an airplane meal, going to the toilet on the airplane, and travelling outside of Europe. I am so excited to share how it all went as soon as we get settled after arriving at UmPhafa.

Until then,

Siril xx