When I am going to South Africa in April, I will be volunteering at UmPhafa private nature reserve.

The nature reserve has a wide variety of animals and plants, and is closed for tourists. It has connections to Colchester Zoo, and focuses on conservation, education and research.

At the reserve, I will be performing tasks such as:

  • Animal behavioural studies
  • Feeding studies and game counts
  • Species identification
  • Camera trap surveys
  • Mammal tracking and monitoring
  • Bush walks and surveys
  • Maintenance work (fence patrols and erosion control)

I am very excited about the trip already! Not only will I get to go outside Europe (for the first time!!) and experience a different culture – I will also get to contribute to the conservation of nature.

Yesterday I did some shopping for equipment I will need and got some vaccinations.
A post with pictures of the equipment I’ve purchased so far will be posted in due course.
You can read more about UmPhafa here.